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Who We Are

Physician, nurse and patient talking in examination room

Healthier patients. Healthier plans.

We help patients access the most effective treatment for their condition, when they need it most. In addition to supporting better health outcomes, our programs help manage specialty medication costs for payers, plan sponsors and employers. Our program model is focused on two key components, Nurse-led Medication Management and our Preferred Pharmacy Network.

Delivering support and savings

Undergoing treatment for a complex or chronic condition can be an overwhelming experience for anyone. We support patients to lessen the burden of their disease through one-on-one Medication Management services. And we help manage drug costs by coordinating dispensing and delivery of specialty medication through our Preferred Pharmacy Network. Ultimately, we work with patients and their physicians to find the right medication for their situation, so they can get back to living their lives.
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Paving the way

Founded in 2012 by Guy Payette, we were the first of our kind in Canada to offer payers and plan sponsors a solution to managing their drug spending for high-cost specialty medications. As Canada’s first Preferred Pharmacy Network (PPN), our coordinators are experts in the PPN model, explaining its benefits to patients, and helping them find the right pharmacy.

We were founded by industry leaders with deep-rooted expertise in the private insurance market. We know what it takes for a program to deliver improved health outcomes for plan members and long-term sustainability for plan sponsors in the ever-evolving private payer market. And we will continue to innovate with new technology and program solutions to fit the needs of our customers.

Meet our leaders


Guy Payette

"When you put patients first, everybody wins. Our nurse case managers are exceptional patient advocates. Not only is the efficacy of their health coaching supported by the data, it’s repeated time and again by program participants who are grateful to have a champion in their corner. I’m proud of our team. I’m proud of our results. And I’m proud of how we’re paving the way for patient advocacy in the ever-changing healthcare landscape."

Kevin West

Vice President

Kevin West

Kevin West
"'We are united in our responsibility to create healthier futures.’ I love our purpose statement. Not only do we help patients with access to diagnosis, therapies, and education, we also manage and monitor their health so we know what treatment is delivering the best outcome for that individual patient. We create ‘healthier futures’ every day, because we help get the right patient on the right drug at the right time."
Kevin West

Our global network

As an AmerisourceBergen company, we are part of a global network that drives innovative partnerships with manufacturers, providers and pharmacies to improve product access and efficiency throughout the healthcare supply chain. Locally, we work closely with Innomar Strategies—the leading service provider to specialty pharmaceutical, biotechnology and medical device manufacturers in Canada. Through their integrated model, they provide commercialization solutions to improve product access, increase supply chain efficiency, and enhance patient care.
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