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Patient-centric care for better health outcomes

Paving the way in payer solutions

HealthForward is the leading payer service provider for Medication Management and Preferred Pharmacy Network solutions in Canada. Our mission is to optimize health outcomes and access to therapy for plan members (patients), while helping payers and plan sponsors achieve sustainability in their drug plans.

Measurably improving patient outcomes

Recent data shows that our Nurse-led Medication Management model improved quality of life and health outcomes in rheumatoid arthritis and psoriatic arthritis patients treated with biologics.

84% of patients experienced improved quality of life

Versus 62% on routine care alone

54% of patients experienced lower disease activity

Versus 28% on routine care alone

46% of patients experienced remission of their disease

Versus 13% on routine care alone

What we do

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Preferred Pharmacy Network

We offer plan members access to one of the largest Preferred Pharmacy Networks in Canada. With over 2,400 pharmacies included in our network, ranging from independent pharmacies to large chains, we provide easy access to specialty medications for patients across the country. By streamlining the specialty drug distribution process, we help control mark-up costs, transferring the savings on to plan sponsors and patients.
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Medication Management

Nurse-led Medication Management provides a single point of contact to each patient to ensure they are taking the right drug; are adhering to their prescribed treatment regimen; fully understand their treatment plan and the expected results; and have access to the support, education, and assistance they need. Medication Management affords plan sponsors the assurance that their plan members will benefit from the treatment provided, without incurring unnecessary costs.

Healthier patients.
Healthier plans. 

We are committed to providing high-quality patient care through personalized Medication Management and our growing Preferred Pharmacy Network. By leveraging innovative technology, ideas, and programing, we continue to help payers manage their drug benefit plans, while optimizing health outcomes for plan members.