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Our Impact

Supporting patient success throughout their treatment journey
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Getting patients back to living their lives

As the first payer solutions company to offer programs of this kind in Canada, we have exclusive access to long-term, real-world data from our Medication Management clients that illuminate the demonstrable impact of our work. 

The data support what we’ve observed from the start: Our programs lead to significant improvements in patients’ quality of life, decreased disease activity, and increased disease remission. We help patients get back to living their lives. For plan sponsors, that means potential workplace benefits, including decreased work disability, increased productivity, and reduced absenteeism.

Our impact, by the numbers:

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Featured Case Study

Nurse-led Health Case Management: The Benefits to Group Plan Members and Sponsors

You have made my treatment so easy for me and my whole support team, including my Patient Assistance Program and my doctor.

– Psoriatic Arthritis patient

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June 2019

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Proven programs to help patients get back to living their lives.

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