phil peters

Phil Peters


Pharmacy and Payer Strategy 

Phil joined Innomar Strategies in 2016 as Director of Payer and Pharmacy Strategy for HealthForward. His team of over 70 associates is divided into two focuses: One team manages private payer programs with Nurse-led Health Case Management and Preferred Pharmacy Networks; the other team runs programs on behalf of biosimilar and generic companies.
With a strong history in the pharmaceutical industry, Phil held various roles at GSK in sales, marketing, operations and market access. Phil was part of the team that supported the first rotavirus public health vaccination campaign, which had a direct impact on reducing the hospitalization of babies in Canada. At HealthForward, he oversaw the study that showed improved health outcomes from Nurse-led Health Case Management. His deep understanding of the healthcare, pharmaceutical manufacturing and private payer markets in Canada gives him unique perspective and insight.

Phil has a Bachelor of Science in Chemistry from the University of Winnipeg.

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