HealthForward offers a customizable program model to payers, plan sponsors and employers to help them manage specialty medication costs and optimize health outcomes for plan members. Our program model is focused on two key components, Health Case Management and our Preferred Pharmacy Network.


Health Case Management

Health Case Management offers plan sponsors the opportunity to enhance the health outcomes of their plan members while improving the long-term sustainability of their prescription benefits plan. Our goal is to help patients achieve the best outcome so they can get back to living their lives and focusing on what matters them.

Our Health Case Managers work one-on-one with eligible plan members to develop a personalized care program that will support, educate, and encourage proactive management of their condition. They collaborate with any patient support program to optimize health outcomes and ensure there are no unnecessary delays in receiving access to their medication. Our Health Case Managers provide the connection between the plan member, their physician and healthcare team, and their insurance provider to identify both clinically-effective and cost-effective treatment options for improved patient outcomes.

HealthForward offers customized Health Case Management services ranging from ‘light’ to ‘full’ depending on the patient and plan sponsor program. Selected programing includes:

  • Health outcomes monitoring and review
  • Chronic disease education and medication management
  • Concomitant medication review
  • Side effect management
  • Medication adherence planning, including prescription renewal reminders
  • Health and lifestyle coaching, including diet and nutrition
  • Navigating reimbursement coverage
  • Coordinate drug dispensing and delivery through a designated pharmacy
  • Integrate with any manufacturer sponsored patient support programs

Preferred Pharmacy Network

HealthForward offers plan members access to one of the largest Preferred Pharmacy Network in Canada. There are over 2400 pharmacies included in our network that range from independent pharmacies to large chains for easy access across the country.

By streamlining the specialty drug distribution process, HealthForward helps control mark-ups costs and transfers the savings on to plan sponsors and patient. 

Our Pharmacy Network offers plan members a consistent experience as an extension of their program. The plan member has the flexibility to pick-up their medication at their closest designated pharmacy or can have it delivered directly to their home, place of treatment or preferred location. Our Support Coordinators will help manage the dispensing and delivery of the plan member’s medication to ensure convenience and accessibility. They are also experts at walking the plan member through our pharmacy network, finding the right pharmacy for them.


Looking Forward

High-cost specialty medication is the fastest growing sector in the pharmaceutical industry today. A holistic approach to managed medication and care will play an important factor in maintaining the long-term sustainability of a payers’ prescription benefit plan.

HealthForward is committed to providing high-quality patient care through personalized Health Case Management and a growing Pharmacy Network. By leveraging new technology, innovative ideas, and customized programing, HealthForward will continue to help payers manage their drug benefit plans, while optimizing health outcomes for plan members.