Our Mission

HealthForward is the leading payer service provider for medication management and preferred pharmacy network solutions in Canada. Our mission is to optimize health outcomes and access to therapy for plan members (patients), while helping payers and plan sponsors achieve sustainability in their drug plans.

Undergoing treatment for a complex or chronic condition can be an overwhelming experience for plan members. HealthForward works with plan members to lessen the burden of their disease through one-on-one Health Case Management services and coordinating dispensing and delivery of specialty medication through our Pharmacy Network. Through our Program Solutions, we want to work with the patient and their physician to find the right medication for their situation, so they can get back to living their lives.

HealthForward is here to:

  • Educate and support plan members
  • Encourage proactive self-management of their health condition
  • Track and monitor treatment outcomes for progress and effectiveness
  • Initiate compliance and adherence programs
  • Collaborate with any available manufacturer patient assistance programs to enhance the patient experience
  • Coordinate drug dispensing and delivery for convenient accessibility
  • Manage drug costs and deliver savings through our Pharmacy Network

Why HealthForward?

Expertise. HealthForward was founded by industry leaders with deep-rooted expertise in the private insurance market. They know what it takes for a program to deliver improved health outcomes for plan members and long-term sustainability for plan sponsors in the ever-evolving private payer market.

Innovation. HealthForward was the first of its kind in Canada. “Knowing where the puck is going” is in our DNA. We will continue to innovate with new technology and customized program solutions to fit the needs of our customers.

Patients First. HealthForward is focused on the patient and improving health outcomes. Our Case Managers are expertly trained in specialty medication and dedicated to finding the right drug, for the right patient, at the right time. The proof is in our feedback


Our History

Specialty medications have revolutionized treatment options for patients diagnosed with complex and chronic conditions, but they continue to be significant cost-driver for drug benefit plans. Patients prescribed specialty drugs often need education and support to navigate coverage, manage side effects, and maintain their treatment regime. In addition, specialty medications frequently require special storage, handling, and administration due to their complex molecular composition.

HealthForward was founded by Guy Payette in 2012 in response to the growing challenges faced by payers supporting specialty medication for members. HealthForward was the first of its kind in Canada to offer payers and plan sponsors a solution to managing their drug spending for high-cost specialty medications, while helping plan members manage their condition and treatment options.


Our Network                     

HealthForward is a business unit of AmerisourceBergen, a driver of innovative partnerships with global manufacturers, providers and pharmacies to improve product access and efficiency through the healthcare supply chain. With over $120 billion in annual revenue, AmerisourceBergen is headquartered in Valley Forge, PA, and employs approximately 16,000 people. AmerisourceBergen is ranked #16 on the Fortune 500 list. For more information on AmerisourceBergen, visit www.amerisourcebergen.com or www.ittakesamerisourcebergen.com

At a local level, HealthForward partners with another AmerisourceBergen business unit, Innomar Strategies. Innomar Strategies is the leading service provider to specialty pharmaceutical, biotechnology and medical device manufacturers in Canada. Through their integrated model, they provide commercialization solutions to improve product access, increase supply chain efficiency, and enhance patient care. For more information on Innomar Strategies, please visit www.innomar-strategies.com